How to Twist and Wrap your Convertible Dress…

You can wear your Convertible dress in over 15 different styles! I have a style guide on my website that you can print out and view but in my opinion videos are the best way to really understand how to wrap and twist your dress.

Today I will show you how to create the twist shoulder with your dress. The twist shoulder is one of the most popular styles to wear. It is flattering on everyone.

Please view the video as well as step by step instructions.

1. Step into dress or place over head so that sashes are facing the front.

2. Take sashes over the shoulders then bring the sashes down and around back to the front of your dress.

3. Simply twist shoulders as desired.   The more you twist the less coverage you will have, and the less you twist the more coverage you will have.

4. Bring the sashes down and around the waist. Tie and/or tuck in front or back of dress.


There are many different ways to create different styles with the of the back of the dress  as well the front.

I will create more tutorials for you to see the endless possibilities.

Happy Twisting!

XO –




If You Could Choose Your Own Bridesmaid Dress…

Picture yourself, standing at the aisle, with one of your best friends who is about to be married. What would you want to wear? Something you can see yourself actually wearing again or a one off piece that will get pushed back to your closet?

Just like in the movie, 27 Dresses, instead of having your bridesmaids wear a dress they will never wear again, give them one of Nuova Vita’s gowns and have them looking glamorous for your big day.

Bridesmaid gowns should ooze elegance, simplicity and be the color that emphasizes the ambiance of your location. Nuova Vita’s convertible gowns, gives you this and much more. With each gown being handmade you can be assured that your gown will be made with quality.

As a lover of fashion, I want to see every woman have a dress made for her and ensure quality craftsmanship is top priority. Because every woman should feel absolutely stunning when getting ready for a wedding and to feel amazing, you need to wear something that will make you feel beautiful. I can assure you, Nuova Vita’s convertible gowns, will achieve this, as many other brides will tell you.

When shopping for bridesmaids dresses, it comes down to this:

What would you choose?

A dress that can never be worn again and the memories of the day will stay in the closet forever.


Or a convertible style gown, that comes in an array of pastel, bright or bold colors that your bridesmaid can convert into multiple ways to wear long after the wedding. While every time she wears it, remembers what a beautiful and romantic wedding you had?


I know what I would choose…


Nuova Vita.

Francesca XO

Nikki’s Romantic Vintage Beach Wedding 


I love when brides ask me to come to their wedding to wrap their bridesmaids. Nikki’s wedding was in Jensen Beach at the Mansion at Tuckahoe. The location was beautiful and overlooking the ocean.  The bridesmaids wore the Signature convertible dress in tulip and looked stunning. Every girl was able to wear the dress in a style that they loved and felt comfortable in. I love seeing the bridesmaids feel beautiful and happy with their dresses.

I was not able to see the wedding decor of the wedding but I was lucky enough to receive such beautiful pictures of the wedding from wedding photographer, Jessica Bordner  I love the the way Nikki mixed beach, vintage and a romantic decor for her wedding. The attention to detail was beautifully done.  When I looked at the pictures I loved all of them.

I hope you enjoy the few I picked to share.


XO – Francesca

Blushing Bridesmaids


I love a beautiful dress in a beautiful color and I have to say the dusty rose color I carry is gorgeous. The color is a beautiful neutral yet rich color that can be worn to a church wedding, beach wedding, garden wedding etc. The possibilities for this color and of course for the dress as well are endless!

Xo Francesca

Inspiration: Light and Minty Fresh


I love how fresh and clean a spring mint wedding color theme looks. I have put together a little minty fresh color inspiration for upcoming spring 2014 weddings! If your going to choose a light color such as mint for your bridesmaid dresses I think soft colors for your flowers and delicate accessories are important. However, to mix it up a bit, a really cool but elegant geometric clutch and fun shoes break up the softness if the look and make the look little more edgy and fun.

Congrats on your engagements and enjoy planning for that special day!

XO Francesca