Three Reasons You Should Take Maternity Photos

When I was pregnant with my first child, I made the mistake of not taking professional maternity photos. I was asked by a couple of my friends who were photographers, but I wasn’t feeling myself. I was busting at the seams and couldn’t fathom getting all dolled up for a photo session. I opted not to have them done, and looking back, I regret it. 

Now that I am pregnant for the second time, I am feeling a bit differently about the process. Here are three reasons why I changed my mind about maternity photos the second time around. 

1.  The photos document the change in your body.

Our bodies go through all these amazing changes and despite the fact that we may not feel beautiful one day or comfortable for a couple of months, the photographs will be a reminder of what we went through to bring a beautiful life onto this earth. 

 Convertible Dress_Maternity Dress_Gown_Baby Shower Dress_Maternity Shoot_Light Blue Dress

2. The session is a memory you will treasure forever. 

Regardless if it’s your first child or your third, these photos sessions create long-lasting memories. You get all dolled up, put on a pretty dress and smile for the camera. You look fabulous doing it and the photographs will capture that pregnancy glow. 

If you already have children, the pictures are a sweet way to show the love between a child and their soon-to-be sibling.

3. The photos are a great keepsake. 

I didn’t realize it then, but you will always have these photos to use as you wish. You can make a photo album, share them online or even put one on a large canvas and hang on your living room wall.

There is only a small window of time to take these beautiful photographs, a time that you will never be able to get back.
Nuova Vita _Convertible Dress_Light Blue _Gown_Maternity Photoshoot_Baby Shower Dress

All dresses pictured can be found at Nuova Vita.

Let your mamma goddess shine through and create a memory for yourself and your family.

XO – Francesca

Oh Baby!

On July 4th, 2015, our lives changed for the second time.  We found out we were expecting our second child!

I had a slight feeling that I could be pregnant and even though it was a bit early to test, I took one anyway. July 4th is my husband’s birthday. In my head, I figured if I was pregnant, then what better time to tell my husband then on his birthday! and if I wasn’t then off to the next month.

We call him our birthday baby. We are so excited to meet him and welcome him into our family.

Convertible Dress_Ivory_White_Gown_Maternity Shoot_Wedding_Photoshoot_Baby Shower

ISLA Convertible Dress by Nuova Vita

XO – Francesca

Maternity Maxi Dresses

There is something about being pregnant and wearing a maxi dress. It’s almost like we automatically gravitate to them regardless if we like maxi dresses or not.

A flattering maternity dress is a summertime essential, and can adapt   elegantly all year round. My Signature Convertible Maternity Gown has become a staple in styling our bumps. The dress is elegant, stylish, and comfortable. It can be styled in over 15 different ways and is available in over 20 different colors.

If you are attending a black tie event, you are a bridesmaid, you need a dress for a maternity shoot, or you are going on vacation this dress will make you feel fabulous and beautiful.

          XO – Francesca

Nikki’s Romantic Vintage Beach Wedding 


I love when brides ask me to come to their wedding to wrap their bridesmaids. Nikki’s wedding was in Jensen Beach at the Mansion at Tuckahoe. The location was beautiful and overlooking the ocean.  The bridesmaids wore the Signature convertible dress in tulip and looked stunning. Every girl was able to wear the dress in a style that they loved and felt comfortable in. I love seeing the bridesmaids feel beautiful and happy with their dresses.

I was not able to see the wedding decor of the wedding but I was lucky enough to receive such beautiful pictures of the wedding from wedding photographer, Jessica Bordner  I love the the way Nikki mixed beach, vintage and a romantic decor for her wedding. The attention to detail was beautifully done.  When I looked at the pictures I loved all of them.

I hope you enjoy the few I picked to share.


XO – Francesca

Who is the Creative Force Behind Nuova Vita?


Hi My name is Francesca and I am the owner/designer of Nuova Vita! which means New Life in Italian. I am 32 years old and I have been married for six years to my college sweetheart. We are blessed to have a beautiful baby girl named Rosalina. She is our everything.

I grew up in Oceanside, New York with my grandparents and watched my grandmother and aunt Sadie sew dresses for their clients. I would steal their fabric and wrap it around myself daydreaming of how I could make it a dress, how I would style my hair, makeup (you know what us girls do even til this day 😉 ) I have always known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be in the fashion industry. And til this day I continue to pursue my personal legend.

The name Nuova Vita draws from the meaning, “new life” in Italian. This name came to me when I was at a cross roads in my life, and I suddenly realized that it was never to late to start over and create a New Life!

Nuova Vita draws the essence of “New Life” to classic and elegant women’s convertible dresses and apparel that can be styled in a multitude of ways.


My goal is to make timeless pieces that every woman, through whatever period in her life is experiencing – whether the magic of weddings, to carrying new life as a soon to be mother in maternity wear, or a woman’s first date, or simply for those who want to wear an outfit that is unique and stunning – will appreciate and adore. I truly love being apart of such a significant part of my clients life whether it be that a bride is having her bridesmaids order the signature convertible dress or if your planning on wearing my dress for your baby shower or maternity shoot. These are life events that we will remember forever and I am grateful to be apart of it and want all my customers to feel beautiful in my dresses.

I am a 2 person operation, I work in my garage with bolts and bolts of fabric surrounding me 🙂 and I love it. I have one wonderful seamstress who helps me sew the dresses. I am the designer, the marketer, the accountant but first and for most I am a MOM. My daughter is my life and she is my inspiration.

I hope you like my dresses and enjoy your experience working with me.

Thank you for supporting small businesses like myself.

XO – Francesca