Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away, and finding the perfect gift can be challenging. Mothers are some of the most thoughtful and selfless people so the least we can do is to dedicate a day to them for all they have done.

Here are some gift ideas that will help take the challenge out of finding the perfect gift.


EBERJAY – Slouchy Tee and Lounge Pants

GILLIGAN & O’MALLEY –  Women’s Jersey Short Pajama Set

Nuova Vita Gift Guide Mothers DayNuova Vita Mothers Day Guide

You might think really? Pajamas?  but these pajamas are so soft and comfortable your mamma will not want to take them off.

2. PHOTO ALBUM – Mother’s Day Photo Album

Mothers Day Album - Nuova Vita

What mom does not like beautiful pictures? My pictures of my children and family are my most prized possessions.  A photo album of some of your favorite memories is something she will cherish forever.


BRIAN AND NICK PRIVATE JEWELERS – 14k Gold Diamond Bubble Bar Necklace

14K White Gold Diamond Heart Bracelet

Mothers Day GiftMothers Day Jewelry

COCO WAGNER JEWELRY – Initial NecklacePersonalized Bar RingEngraved Mothers Day Bangle

A new piece of jewelry on Mother’s Day is a gift your mother will not forget.  It can be something more expensive with diamonds, or it can be a personalized piece of jewelry.  A necklace with your initials, a ring with your name on it, or a bangle with an engraved note on it.  These are all pieces of jewelry you mother would cherish for years to come.

4. JEWELRY TRAY – Mom Jewelry TrayMama and Baby Jewelry Tray

A mama needs somewhere to put her jewelry.  A dainty jewelry tray to hold rings, trinkets and other small jewelry is a great gift.  Every time she takes off her jewelry it will be a reminder of how loved much she is loved and appreciated.

What will you be getting your mamma’s for Mother’s Day?

XO –


Three Reasons You Should Take Maternity Photos

When I was pregnant with my first child, I made the mistake of not taking professional maternity photos. I was asked by a couple of my friends who were photographers, but I wasn’t feeling myself. I was busting at the seams and couldn’t fathom getting all dolled up for a photo session. I opted not to have them done, and looking back, I regret it. 

Now that I am pregnant for the second time, I am feeling a bit differently about the process. Here are three reasons why I changed my mind about maternity photos the second time around. 

1.  The photos document the change in your body.

Our bodies go through all these amazing changes and despite the fact that we may not feel beautiful one day or comfortable for a couple of months, the photographs will be a reminder of what we went through to bring a beautiful life onto this earth. 

 Convertible Dress_Maternity Dress_Gown_Baby Shower Dress_Maternity Shoot_Light Blue Dress

2. The session is a memory you will treasure forever. 

Regardless if it’s your first child or your third, these photos sessions create long-lasting memories. You get all dolled up, put on a pretty dress and smile for the camera. You look fabulous doing it and the photographs will capture that pregnancy glow. 

If you already have children, the pictures are a sweet way to show the love between a child and their soon-to-be sibling.

3. The photos are a great keepsake. 

I didn’t realize it then, but you will always have these photos to use as you wish. You can make a photo album, share them online or even put one on a large canvas and hang on your living room wall.

There is only a small window of time to take these beautiful photographs, a time that you will never be able to get back.
Nuova Vita _Convertible Dress_Light Blue _Gown_Maternity Photoshoot_Baby Shower Dress

All dresses pictured can be found at Nuova Vita.

Let your mamma goddess shine through and create a memory for yourself and your family.

XO – Francesca

Love from Within

Convertible Dress_Maternity Gown_Maxi _ Mint_Nuova Vita

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such an amazing time in your life as you begin to grow a little miracle inside your belly. To match the joy you feel, wear something that makes you feel just as beautiful. Nine months is a long time and you need something comfortable to wear that grows with you. A convertible dress doesn’t just grow with your belly, it grows with your whole shape. The benefits of buying a convertible dress during pregnancy, is you can change the style, so you look and feel like you are wearing a new outfit every time.

Not to mention the fabric I use is soft and luscious and tailored to show off your beautiful new shape. Elegance is not lost with this comfortable yet glamorous outfit. Not only do you look good you can feel comfortable too, which is very important during pregnancy.

Tara Belle recently wore Nuova Vita’s mint signature convertible maternity gown to her pregnancy photo shoot. “After slipping it [the gown] on, I was totally in the mood to snap some pics. It is totally convertible and fitted for any bod (pregnant or not) which means I’ll be styling it for many events to come!” said Tara Belle in her latest blog Field of Dreams.

Convertible Maternity Gown_Mint Gown_Maternity Maxi Dress_Maternity Photoshoot_Nuova Vita          Convertible Maternity Dress_Mint_Nuova Vita

In these photos, she had contractions 12 minutes apart but you wouldn’t have guessed, with her looking so stunning!

Pregnancy is such a delicate and special time, why not make yourself feel just as stunning with Nuova Vita’s collection of maternity wear. Wear it for a walk in the park or to a fine event. Wherever you decide to step out in one of Nuova Vita’s convertible dresses, you will feel like a goddess.

Infinity Dress_Convertible_Dress_Maternity


XO – Francesca

Nuova Vita Maternity + Baby Shower


Yesterday was my best friend Cristina’s baby shower. When she asked me to make her a Nuova Vita Signature Convertible Gown in a light pink for her baby shower, I was thrilled!

Instead of making her dress in my standard silk jersey material, I used a cotton jersey. I knew she was going to love wearing it and that she would look stunning in the dress.

I am so excited to meet her baby girl! Our girls are going to be best friends.

xo Francesca


Baby Shower Maternity Dress


Hi!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I have been lucky enough to have had two baby showers: one in New York and one in Florida.

I am 9 months pregnant and at this point in my pregnancy, I absolutely live in maxi dresses.  I definitely did not contemplate what I was going to wear to my baby shower or course I decided to wear our white convertible gown.

Our dresses are so great to wear during pregnancy; you can pull them up so you can tie them above your belly to show off your beautiful bellies!  Not only that, but you can wear the dress again.